Verdant Massage Therapy

Anna Fabis, LMT

  • Practitioner is not trained or licensed to provide medical treatment, diagnose, prescribe medications, perform, spinal, other joint manipulations, nor any service for which a license to practice medicine, chiropractic, naturopathy, physical therapy, or podiatry is required by law.

  • Client acknowledges and understands that any alternative healing techniques shared by the Practitioner with the Client or experienced by the Client are in no way offered as substitutions for medical treatment. It is understood by both the Practitioner and Client that it is entirely the Client's choice as to whether or not to seek medical treatment.

  • Practitioner makes no claims, representations or guarantees about specific results.

  • Practitioner has provided Client with descriptions of the professional services, anticipated benefits and office policy. Client understands and agrees to the nature, purpose and duration of the purposed services and consents to these services.

  • Client understands there are remote risks associated with this work. Client acknowledges Practitioner will not be responsible for any injury arising because of some unreported condition and/or concern.

  • Client agrees to advise healthcare provider and Practitioner of any changes in their health prior to receiving work in any subsequent visits.

  • Client acknowledges they may determine whether they are nude, wear underwear, or wear a gown during the session. Client understands appropriate draping procedures will always be observed.

  • Payment for services is due prior to services being performed unless otherwise arranged and mutually agreed to. Payment is the personal obligation of the Client regardless of the existing health insurance or other third-party coverage.

  • Client acknowledges being given the opportunity to ask questions before receiving any work, and to question or interrupt the work at any point after the session begins.

  • Client acknowledges that 24 hours notice is required for any cancellations of appointments.

  • Client acknowledges and agrees to remit 50 percent of the session fee if Client fails to appear for the appointment (no show).

  • Client acknowledges that if they are late for an appointment, the session length will only amount to the balance of the originally scheduled session.